-Our capacity is 18 players per ​2 hour cycle.

-Time is given after the game to reflect on your adventure.

-Beverages and snacks are on us!

-Call for event booking, discount pricing and special arrangements. 

Clueology Team Building is a wonderful and proven way to create unity and a heightened ​morale amongst co-workers in any work environment.

 The CLUEOLOGY TEAM BUILDING EXPERIENCE is like no other!  Need to find out who is a natural leader, who works well under pressure and who can efficiently solve problems under a time crunch and keep moving forward?  Our Escape Room Team Building Event is by far the most cost effective, educational and ​FUN process of determination and elimination you can participate in.  You will likely learn more about your co-workers in an hour escape game than in years of the filtered office/ job site environment... AND have something great to talk about for weeks to come!

​Time and time again statistics show that happy cohesive, tightly woven ​co-workers in a symbiotic mutualistic work place relationship are far more efficient and productive!

 Does your team communicate and interact/ react well with each other?  Can they creative problem solve on the fly?  Do they ​take charge or discharge, do they think outside of the box?  Team building is an exciting new way to find your strengths and possible weakness.