Here at Clueology Rooms in Loveland we pride ourselves on offering unique family entertainment with our escape rooms. We utilize the full spectrum of electronic, mechanical, artistic, realistic and good old fashioned analog puzzles and contraptions.  No corners are cut here!  We invest as much time and money as it takes to be sure we can offer a one of a kind adventure experience to every single guest!   We have tons of automated features, top craftsmanship down to every detail. We even utilize an industry first cutting edge FIRST PERSON VIEW ROBOT that you maneuver through a room to disarm booby-traps!  All of our games are built to exacting standards and thoroughly run tested to assure the best escape experience possible!


​-Game rules are simple, you will be given a description of the scenario you have chosen.  You will  then be escorted into the START location.  At this time the main door will close and the clock will begin to count down.  You are given ONE HOUR to complete the challenge using 3 clues or less to achieve leader board status.  However you may have as many clues as needed!  Ahead will be many hidden clues, mysteries, riddles, mind games and interactive electronic and mechanical challenges.  Don't worry, if you get stumped on a challenge we offer clues and hints to keep your game moving forward. The goal is to assess your strange surroundings using logic, commom sense and creativity to escape the room.  Who knows, you may even unleash survival skills you didn't even know you had!... If you are unable to resolve the game in one hour, don't worry!  your game master will instruct you through the completion of unsolved obstacles with the additional BONUS 15 MINUTES!  Every player will see 100% of the game!  Another Clueology first! 

 At Clueology Rooms, we believe in living life to the fullest and that can mean pushing the perceived limits of our mind and body.  Not only do we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box, we weren't aware there was a box to begin with! Join us at our new Loveland facility and enter the minds of creators / founders Ryan and Krista Cagnina. An exhilarating journey combining the life experience and accumulated knowledge and background's of the two. 

 Our rooms are like no other! Thats the greatest thing about the Escape room phenomena, no two are alike. With game architect Ryan Cagnina's history in mechanical and electrical engineering, welding, fabrication, fire E.M.T, Search and Rescue, music production as well as Paranormal investigation, competitive motor sports, and Praise & Worship at our local Church. You are assured a unique and thrilling experience at Clueology.

Clueology is a family owned and operated Faith based establishment that started out as a simple visit to an amazing Escape Room in Boulder and blossomed into our own family run business and we love it! With 7,  yes 7 children we wanted to start a business we could all enjoy allowing us to spend as much time together as possible as well as teaching our children the process and challenges of being your own boss. This is not a side job for us, it's a way of life and we tend to every detail to assure our guests the most enjoyable experience possible... Yes its all a lot but when you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your entire life!

 So pay us a visit, we love people and feedback of all kinds as we strive to have the best Escape Rooms around! Thank you in advance and hope to see ya there!!